Quality Assurance

The YounGlo Research Difference

Most people don’t realize that the FDA doesn’t test or approve dietary supplements. Instead they leave it up to the individual supplement companies to formulate and test their own products. Unfortunately this means some supplement companies cut corners in quality in order to boost their profit margins, plus it’s hard to know what you’re really getting.

Buyer Beware: Do You Know What You’re Swallowing?

Here are the most common issues with supplements:

  • Many products aren’t formulated by a qualified scientist using ingredients that are based on the latest research, resulting in products that either lack safety standards or aren’t effective.
  • Many companies use cheap low-quality ingredients or use amounts that are ineffective.
  • Many companies do not test the raw ingredients to confirm they are real, and make sure they are pure and free of contaminants.
  • Some products are not manufactured in a Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certified facility using strict quality control processes.

Maximum Strength and Ultra Pure

At YounGlo Research you can be confident that our products are made with only premium ingredients, using rigorous quality assurance procedures to ensure purity. They’re made in the USA by a GMP certified manufacturer (Good Manufacturing Practice is the highest certification) in an FDA approved facility.

You see, not only did we develop scientifically based products for you, we also use our own products and so do our friends and family. So it’s critical that each product goes through a stringent development process.

Here’s how they’re developed:

1. Extensive research is done to determine the best scientifically proven ingredients and formula needed to achieve optimum health results by world class formulators. Each formula goes through an approval process by experts with years of experience.

2. We use effective amounts (the amount that science shows will give you the best results) of every ingredient, rather than small ineffective amounts with added undesirable ingredients and fillers. Some of the most effective ingredients are also the most expensive, but we put them in anyway because you deserve the best. Many other companies use a token amount of these expensive ingredients to cut corners.

3. We use pure, all natural ingredients. We search out the best and highest quality ingredients that are available. The raw ingredients are then lab tested for purity and quality. Every ingredient is guaranteed to be potent and pure before it is put in our products.

4. Our products contain NO GMO’s, preservatives, artificial ingredients, or magnesium stearate. Free of antibiotics, milk, gluten, eggs, peanuts, shellfish. Whenever possible, they are vegetarian.

5. Made in the USA in a GMP certified facility. Good Manufacturing Practice certification includes inspection of manufacturing facilities to determine whether strict quality control procedures are being followed. These include: personnel training, equipment and facility cleanliness, maintenance, and ingredient traceability.

6. Quality Assurance Testing. During the manufacturing process, and after they are manufactured, the products are further tested to ensure and verify that they are made to the required specifications.

You Deserve the Best!

You no longer need to settle for low quality products that produce poor results, or worry about what you are swallowing. We’ve created premium products that deliver you superior results – 100% Guaranteed. Experience the YounGlo Research Difference Today!